Science-based solutions in times of crisis: ARAGORN flies to Seville for taking part in the discussion


SETAC conference in Seville is at its 34th edition and ARAGORN will be there, presenting its framework

May 5, 2024 - May 9, 2024
SETAC Europe 34th annual meeting
FIBES Sevilla Conference & Exhibition Centre

SETAC is the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry based in Seville, Spain, dedicated to advancing environmental science and science-informed decision-making through collaboration, and organizer of the annual SETAC conference.

Partners of ARAGORN will be present at the conference on May 8th, starting from 9.30, to present the project with a poster in the framework of Session 6.03.P – Combining Prospective and Retrospective Soil Risk Assessment – From Predicted Risks Towards Holistic Approaches by Integrating Monitoring Results.

This is a powerful opportunity for ARAGORN to promote its objectives and propose Achieving Remediation And Governing Restoration of contaminated soils Now. ARAGORN will present its framework starting from the identification of contaminated sites and introducing a decision-making tree to identify remediation and restoration strategies, all of this under the umbrella of EU Soil Mission Strategy.

The conference has a very rich programme and will host several panels focused on how to integrate science and policy for environmental challenges.  Topics will cover environmental and human toxicology, exposure assessment analysis, human health risks, LCA and environmental policy, which are all topics also strictly related to ARAGORN.