Apr 23, 2024

Stabilization of PFAS-contaminated soil with sewage sludge- and wood-based biochar sorbents

This study explores the efficacy of waste-based biochars, particularly activated waste timber (aWT) and sewage sludge-based biochars, in significantly reducing leaching of perfluorooctane sulphonic acid (PFOS) from PFAS-contaminated soil, suggesting their potential for ex situ stabilization and in situ remediation of PFAS-contaminated sites. Authors: Erlend Sørmoa, Clara Benedikte Mader Ladea, Junjie Zhangc, Alexandros G. Asimakopoulosc, Geir Wold Åslia, Michel Huberta, Aleksandar I. Goranovd, Hans Peter H. Arpa,c, Gerard Cornelissena

Feb 18, 2024

Brand Book

ARAGORN official Brand Book contains all the brand identity guidelines of the project: logos, font, size, colours and icons.