From Japan to Sweden: an intercontinental view on how to discuss approaches to soil pollution


A Japanese delegation came to visit Örebro University to discuss strategies on polluted sites and remediation actions

Date of publication:
Mar 5, 2024

ARAGORN welcomed a delegation from Japan comprising experts on PFAS contamination and representatives from the Japanese Ministry of Environment and ACG, a PFAS producer,

The visit aimed to foster knowledge exchange on European approaches to monitoring, remediating, and communicating risks associated with PFAS-contaminated soil sites. With Japan facing significant challenges concerning PFAS contamination in military and industrial areas, the delegation expressed keen interest in learning from European practices.

Discussions highlighted key areas of collaboration, including mapping polluted sites and drawing parallels for analysis strategies for combined sets of methods, group methods and suspect screening methods.

Participants also had the opportunity to observe and discuss instrumentation and acquisition methods for suspect screening at Örebro, gaining valuable insights into cutting-edge techniques in PFAS detection and analysis.

As part of the visit, delegates toured the hazardous waste facility at FORTUM, where discussions centered on the removal of PFAS and other contaminants from process water. The group explored potential emissions from destruction and remediation sites, underscoring the project’s commitment to addressing environmental challenges comprehensively.

ARAGORN remains dedicated to international collaboration and knowledge sharing to tackle PFAS pollution effectively. The visit marks a significant step forward fostering global partnerships and advancing solutions for environmental sustainability.