Breaking barriers with PARC: a discussion on chemical pollution challenges and biodiversity


An interesting meeting on soil chemistry in Stockolhm saw the participation of different EU projects working in the same field

Date of publication:
May 6, 2024

From April 22nd to 24th, 2024, in Stockholm, at the premises of Karolinska University, the EU project ‘Partnership for Assessment of Risks from Chemicals (PARC)’ hosted a meeting, gathering over 1000 participants.  Attendees discussed pressing issues regarding chemical pollution, revealing that it contributes to approximately 25% of stress on European rivers. Talks focused on risk assessment and regulation strategies for chemical mixtures, as well as the organization of data within the EU Common Data Platform, with hopes that the PARC initiative will influence decisions on its development.

Particularly notable were discussions related to soil projects like TerraChem, alongside the PARC biodiversity group, which is addressing chemical risks to terrestrial organisms. The event also facilitated networking opportunities, sparking discussions on setting administrative limit values for PFAS total in surface waters and soil, aiming to balance scientific insights with practical implementation in a world already facing pollution challenges.